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This area of wellness is often the one most associated with the term Wellness. Physical wellness includes self-care, healthy eating, physical exercise, and sleep. This week, choose one thing that you would like to work on to improve your physical wellness:

• If you need more sleep, try going to bed a half an hour earlier.

• If you need better eating habits, give up one thing that is not good for you and add one thing that is good for you to your daily diet.

• If you need to improve physical activity, start with 15 minutes, 3 times per week. Go for a walk, try some yoga at home, find an exercise class on YouTube. You can always add more exercise once you get in the habit.

• If you need to improve self-care, try working on one area of self-care this week. This might be something like flossing more regularly, giving yourself a cleansing facial, or taking some time for mindfulness meditation.

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