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Tag: time management

Screen Time: Tip of the Week #4 – Social Media

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 4.27.23 Social Media. This is one of the most difficult screen time issues to tackle, but a few simple strategies can make a big difference. For yourself: Limit your time on social media, set timers if needed. Turn off the notifications, allowing yourself to check social

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Tip of the week: Time for focus

Kaarin Anderson Ryan PhD 9.27.21 Our last two weekly tips gave some ideas for how to intentionally and meaningfully take time for yourself an others. This week, try to shift gears and think about how to make the best use of your time for focus and productivity. Once you set

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Tip of the week: Time for others

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 9.20.21 Having positive interactions with others is so important, but it can be tricky to fit in time with people we enjoy. Spending time with others doesn’t have to be a big event though – try setting up time with a friend for a FaceTime call,

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