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Tag: relationships

Screen Time: Tip of the Week #2 – Social Problems

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 4.12.23 A second general problem with using screens and devices too much is that there can be a loss of rich social interaction. By limiting our social interaction by relying social media and texting, along with giving so much of our time to screens, the amount

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Wellness Tip 3: Emotional Wellness

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD Our third area of wellness is Emotional Wellness. With this dimension of wellness, the focus is on our awareness of our own feelings as well as the feelings of others. Our goal here is to work on learning how to cope effectively with stress and other

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Tip of the week: Time for others

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 9.20.21 Having positive interactions with others is so important, but it can be tricky to fit in time with people we enjoy. Spending time with others doesn’t have to be a big event though – try setting up time with a friend for a FaceTime call,

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Bright and Beautiful

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD, BCBA, LBA 7.28.21 They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am sure that this is true. After all, there are things that are beautiful to some people but not to others. We all have basic preferences for color, shapes and design.

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