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Tag: habits

Habits Tip of the Week #3: Good Social Habits

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 3.1.23 For our last habit tip, let’s look at socialization. In our busy schedules, we often don’t make time for real, in person social time. We may do a lot of texting or social media, but it is not healthy to replace real contact with these

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Habits Tip of the Week #2: Build One New Habit

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 2.8.23 While most people have bad habits they want to change, most people also have a good habit they would like to add or increase. It can be difficult to incorporate new habits into your routine, but once you do those habits will become actual habits

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Habits Tip of the Week #1: Breaking Bad Habits

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 1.27.23 We all have at least one bad habit we would like to break, most people probably have more than one. To help break bad habits, start with just one. Pick a habit and focus your intention over the next week on changing that habit. Something

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5 Must-Do Habits for 2021

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD, BCBA, LBA 1.19.21 Happy 2021! As I predicted in my previous blog, we did not wake up on January 1 to a new world. Many of the things that stressed people out for most of the year last year are still creating stress. Pandemic, isolation, politics.

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