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Tag: family

Screen Time Tip of the Week #7 – Family Time

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 6.1.23 One of the side effects of the predominance of screens in our lives is that the time spent on screens intrudes on quality time with family. Phones are always present in many homes – across activities and situations. To make sure your family is not

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Screen Time: Too Much? Probably!

Kaarin Anderson Ryan 3.20.23 It seems like many people have been lamenting the rise in dependence and time spent on screens, both for adults and for kids. However, we all have a hard time keeping it limited. In this post and in the upcoming series of articles, I will highlight

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Time for …

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD. 8.30.21 It is a time of transition for so many of us. It’s the end of summer and for many people this signals a start to a new school year. For a lot of people, it is a time of lifted restrictions and resuming more normal

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Stress Management 101

  Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD, BCBA, LBA.    6.24.20 It just keeps building up, the stress of 2020.  It’s hard to look at social media or the news without sensing an instant rise in your stress level, with fresh new things to worry about every day.  You can, in some

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