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Category: Self-Care

Optimism Tip of the Week #4: Take Practical Steps

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 9.20.23 While optimism is largely about outlook and how we think about things, it can also be improved by doing things. Consider engaging in one activity every day that you intentionally do to help improve your positivity. This may mean watching a little comedy, interacting with

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Optimism Tip of the Week #3: Optimistic Thinking

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 9.8.23 Sometimes it can be easy to focus on the more negative aspects of a situation. While this type of perspective can be used constructively to help people with solving potential problems, it can also lead to overall negative outlooks. This can have an unhealthy impact

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Optimism Tip of the Week #2: Mindful Optimism

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD. 9.1.23 Mindfulness has long been a source for reducing stress and finding peace. Mindfulness can also be a wonderful way to increase optimism. Try a mindfulness exercise that includes picturing the best possible outcome to a current situation or event in your life. Use this positivity

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