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Optimism Tip of the Week #1: Surround Yourself

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD August 22, 2023 To help improve optimism, start by taking a look at what surrounds you. Do you watch or read a lot of negative news? Do you spend time with people who are negative? You don’t have to stop looking at the news or spending

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Optimism 101. Yes, it really does make a difference.

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 7.25.23 ‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement…no pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit’. ~ Helen Keller Looking at things through a more positive lens can be beneficial

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Screen Time Tip of the Week #8: Role Modeling

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD One last tip for parents when it comes to managing screen time: Be a good role model. If your kids see you on your devices all the time, you are teaching them that this is acceptable and valued behavior. As you encourage and set up structure

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Screen Time Tip of the Week #7 – Family Time

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 6.1.23 One of the side effects of the predominance of screens in our lives is that the time spent on screens intrudes on quality time with family. Phones are always present in many homes – across activities and situations. To make sure your family is not

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Screen Time Tip of the Week #6 – Internet Safety

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 5.17.23 The internet is an incredibly useful but also potentially dangerous place to spend time. To help protect yourself, only go to reputable sites and sources, and never give away your personal information without making sure the site is legitimate. For kids and teens, monitor the

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Screen Time: Tip of the Week # 5- Gaming

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 5.5.23 Both adults and children are known to spend too much time gaming. Adults, if you are not into console-based games, consider other device games that can be addicting. If you start playing any game on your phone, look at the time you start and the

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Screen Time: Tip of the Week #4 – Social Media

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 4.27.23 Social Media. This is one of the most difficult screen time issues to tackle, but a few simple strategies can make a big difference. For yourself: Limit your time on social media, set timers if needed. Turn off the notifications, allowing yourself to check social

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Screen Time: Tip of the Week #3 – Cognitive Problems

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 4.19.23 Research has shown that our cognitive capacity can be affected by even the presence of phones and devices. To get the most concentration on something you are working on, consider putting your phone away, or at the very least using the focus features to reduce

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Screen Time: Tip of the Week #2 – Social Problems

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 4.12.23 A second general problem with using screens and devices too much is that there can be a loss of rich social interaction. By limiting our social interaction by relying social media and texting, along with giving so much of our time to screens, the amount

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Screen Time: Tip of the Week #1 – Physical Problems

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 4.6.23 Physical problems associated with screen time include neck, shoulder and back issues, lack of activity and movement, Computer Vision Syndrome (dry eyes, eye strain), and sleep issues associated with blue light from screens. To help reduce risks, try these simple adjustments:

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Screen Time: Too Much? Probably!

Kaarin Anderson Ryan 3.20.23 It seems like many people have been lamenting the rise in dependence and time spent on screens, both for adults and for kids. However, we all have a hard time keeping it limited. In this post and in the upcoming series of articles, I will highlight

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Habits Tip of the Week #3: Good Social Habits

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 3.1.23 For our last habit tip, let’s look at socialization. In our busy schedules, we often don’t make time for real, in person social time. We may do a lot of texting or social media, but it is not healthy to replace real contact with these

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