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Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 6.17.24

In my last post, I shared ideas for how to make new friends. Now let’s think about how to help build closer friendships with people. In order to help build closer friendships, a key is spending time together – sharing activities you enjoy, and getting to know each other better. Here are some ways to do that!

  1. If you have met someone you think could become a good friend, invite them to do something simple with you, like have a coffee or a lunch together. One-to-one activities can help build meaningful connections.
  2. Make an effort to remember things about your new friend – important things that are happening in their lives – and ask questions about these things so they can see that you are truly interested in them.
  3. Stay open-minded. Even the best of friends will have differences, and will have some things they don’t agree on all the time. Focus on the things you enjoy about your friend! This will help build a strong relationship of mutual respect.

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